A Domestic Sextuple to Barcelona? Barcelona are on the verge of rewriting Spanish sports history. Currently, five FC Barcelona-affiliated teams are at the top of their respective leagues' first divisions. #barcelona #sextuple #handball #basketball #FCBfemini #Hockey #barçamadrid #madrid #barcamadrid #madridbarça #elclasico #supercup #barca #fcblive #fcbarcelona #barcelona #ferrantorres #torres #pedri #gavi #barcanews #frenkiedejong #roberto #dembele #CHRISTENSEN #elclásico #Araujo #Kounde

A Domestic Sextuple to Barcelona?

Barcelona are on the verge of rewriting Spanish sports history. Currently, five FC Barcelona-affiliated teams are at the top of their respective leagues’ first divisions.

Today, let’s take a brief look at FC Barcelona and its other sporting associations.

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FC Barcelona

Barcelona finally has a serious chance of winning LaLiga for the first time in three years. Since their last triumph in 2018/19, they finished second, third, and second, respectively. 

Barcelona have played 26 games in 2022/23 and have only lost two. They have achieved 68 points this season and a 12-point lead over second-placed Real Madrid. With only 12 match days remaining in the season, it’s hard to see Barcelona losing the league title from here. If they win, this would be Barcelona’s 27th LaLiga title in history.

FC Barcelona Women

Barcelona Femeni are on course to win the Liga F for the fourth time in a row. They last failed to win the league in 2018/19. If they win, it will be their eighth league title in total.

Barcelona Femeni won their first league title in 2011/2012 and continued their winning streak until 2014/15, winning four in a row. Then, they finished second for the next four seasons (2015/16 – 2018/19). And now, with 69 points in 23 games and a 13-point lead over second-placed Real Madrid, they are poised to win four consecutive league titles for the second time in Barcelona’s history.

FC Barcelona Basket

After losing the title to their archrivals last season, Barcelona is tied on top with Real Madrid and Baskonia having 40 points after 24 games each. With 10 rounds remaining, they are comfortably within reach of the playoffs, and if they win, it will be their 17th Liga Endesa title.

FC Barcelona Handball

Barcelona’s handball team is on pace to win their 13th Liga ASOBAL title in succession. The last time they finished second in the league was in 2009/10. 

In 2022/23, Barça Handball has won 42 points in 21 games, sustaining an 11-point lead over second-placed Granollers. If they win this season, it will be their 30th league title, 17 more than Granollers, the competition’s second most successful team.

FC Barcelona Futsal

Barcelona and Palma Futsal are the two frontrunners for the LNFS First Division in 2022/23. Barcelona have won 55 points in 23 games, while Palma have won 55 points in 25 games. If Barça wins, it will be their third consecutive title and seventh overall.

FC Barcelona Hockey

FC Barcelona’s hockey team finished first in OK Liga 2022/23 and advanced to the playoffs. They faced Majadahonda in the semi finals and won both the first two legs to reach the finals. 

They are facing Jaca in the finals, where two teams are tied at 2-2 after four of the five legs have been completed. The final and fifth leg will be played on April 1st, with the winner taking home the trophy. If Barcelona wins, it will be their third consecutive title and eighth overall.

Other Affiliated Teams

The following is a list of other Barcelona Affiliated teams that plays in top divisions of their respective leagues.

Barcelona Volleyball

Finished 7th in Superliga 2022/23 and advanced to the quarterfinals. They’re facing CDV Rio Duero in the quarterfinals where the first leg ended with a 3-1 defeat to Barcelona. The second leg will be played on 1st of April. A defeat will eliminate Barça while a win will extend the playoffs to a third leg.

Barcelona Basket W

Ranked 10th with 39 points in 29 games. A top 8 finish would take them to the playoffs. 

Barcelona Rugby

Ranked 5th with 34 points in 12 games. Top 2 finish will directly take them to the Semifinals while a finish between 3-6 will make them play in the semi final playoffs.

In domestic competitions, it’s been an extremely dominant performance from Barcelona and its teams. Amidst all the chaos they’re showing the world, why ‘Mes Que Un Club’ has been Barcelona’s motto. 

How many do you think Barcelona will win? Comment below.


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